Kheer Kalamkari Dress Thistle
Kheer Kalamkari Dress Thistle


Kheer Kalamkari Dress Thistle

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Kalamkari is a block-printing technique involving many steps and all natural dyes- including madder root, avocado, pomegranate, iron and indigo. Natural dyes are alive and will continue to bleed and fade over time. 

In ancient times, kalamkari was used to tell stories of Hindu mythology on large canvases. These very old blocks were chosen from a traditional printer in India and then re-interpreted to fit the color story. 

We are pleased to reintroduce a matta favorite, the Kheera Dress, in a newer and retouched pattern. It has been updated to have less panels, resulting in a design that is more fluid and modern.

100% cotton voile

Made in India

Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry inside out in the shade